Initial Public Offering, Reverse Merger and Direct Public Offering Services

Raise much needed capital to fuel explosive growth and go public today via a Direct Public Offering, Initial Public Offering or Reverse Merger, starting today. Preparation is the first step toward a successful public offering. Hiring a going public advisor helps insure the process is done correctly and that all of the legal requirements are followed. An advisor can also help you negotiate the best and most affordable prices for the required professionals needed to complete the process. At TrueCapitalfp we'll start by helping you draft, and finalize the perfect business plan to meet SEC standards for the S-1 registration. Which will also gain the immediate attention of investors at the same time. The next step is putting together the proper team, after all you just don't want any Joe Smoe off the streets representing your company, when it comes to investors and the market, reputation is key. Our long term industry connections will help insure that you're receiving the best team of professionals possible to insure the utmost success for your public offering. We'll interview and negotiate the most affordable costs, as well as asses reputation to insure the professionals and or firms performance is up to our scrutiness standards. The timing of your offering also needs to be right... We'll help you create the perfect market for your public offering, analyze acquisition targets and expansion strategies, as well as a number of other key factors to position your company toward success before and after your initial or direct public offering. Contact one of our advsisors today for wide range of Direct Public Offering Services!