**UPDATE: Crowdfunding Now Available** 5/26/2015

Learn the benefits of taking your company public on the NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, OTCQB or PinkSheet stock exchange.

At TrueCapitalfp we offering a wide range of going public solutions to include preparation, strategizing and implementation of a Direct Public Offering, Initial Public Offering or Reverse Merger. Our Advisory team will assist you with every step of the way, from filing the initial registration statement with the SEC and FINRA, to helping create a market for your company's stock once listed and assigned a ticker symbol. We also help to insure the entire process is done correctly and that all of the legal requirements are met. Our team through our vast connections and solid reputation will also help you to negotiate the most affordable prices for any additional professionals needed to complete the process, meaning more money in your pocket. For starters you will need a CPA accountant to conduct audits of your financial statements and a broker to sponsor and file the 15C2-11 which will assign your company a ticker symbol and contract market markers for your stock once listed. Without a ticker symbol or market makers, it's impossible to have any sort of market or liquidity for your companies stock. Preparation is the first step toward a successful public offering. From the very beginning we'll help you draft, and finalize the perfect business plan to meet SEC standards for the S-1 registration. The next step is putting together the proper executive team. When it comes to investors and the market, reputation is key. Our long term industry connections will help to insure that you're receiving the absolute best team of professionals possible for a successful public offering. The timing of your offering is also very important and needs to be considered... We'll help you to implement the perfect market timing for your public offering, analyze acquisition targets and expansion strategies, as well as a number of other key factors to position your company toward success before and after your initial or direct public offering. Contact one of our advsisors today for wide range of Direct Public Offering Services and other going public solutions.