How to find a suitable business for investment


For every personal finance strategy, it is an important part to grow money by investing it in some good business. Investors usually opt for investing in secure and stable investments like mutual funds and invest in bonds and stocks to diversify their portfolios. Higher and quicker monetary rewards will come when there are some riskier investments. An example where potentially risky investment is involved is investing in some business where you also have a chance to make higher profits. Given below are some steps which will help you in minimizing your risks when it comes to selecting a business and you will also be able to find some businesses that provide highest possibility of profits.

Step 1

Create a network with those experienced individuals who have invested in some business or are entrepreneurs in your community. This means that you will have to look for groups of angel investors for connecting and depend on their past experiences and expertise. You can also collect contact information of those entrepreneurs who are looking for start-up capital and with the help of your contact and network, try to determine whether their investment is worth or not.

Step 2

Chat with accountants, lawyers and professionals whom you know have some experience with new business owners who are searching for start-up capital. Find out which business owners should they choose if they are required to do so.

Step 3

Make use of trade publications and business publications for getting information about established or new businesses seeking investments. Use this information to determine the viability of investment.

Step 4

Call the local Chamber of Commerce who is there in your area and find out some additional local businesses which are looking for investors.

Step 5

Set up entrepreneur interview sessions so that you get to know about their business experience and ideas. Ask them about their business plans as well as past business experiences. Being a new investor, one should go for businesses that have some cleat-cut plans for creating profit as well as good collection of past experience.


If you are thinking of investing in some non-profitable business then you have an added benefit of tax deduction whether the investment will lead to personal profit or not.

Warning-: being the first time investor, don’t invest in businesses whose owners don’t have sufficient amount of business experience or knowledge. It is better to invest in franchisees and established businesses.