Raising Capital Through Direct Public Offering


The first thing you really have to deal with is your current corporate infrastructure just as in any other step to expand your company. In this chapter we all use China as a sample target market.
C-level executive pedigree
Your c-level executives: CEOs CFOs COOs need to have an established record in dealing globally. Crossing borders is a completely different type of transaction then dealing domestically.

Scalable corporate concepts
Your business concept has to be scalable. Service-oriented companies typically work best for an expedient expansion into the Asian market place. Domestic strategic alliances you should have your domestic strategic alliances in place. Then if you find a solid strategic partner in China you’ll have the domestic support base to take care of everything you encounter overseas you’ll become a one-stop shop for your Asian partners you’ll be able to help them sort out any needs they face with their expansion ambitions proper online viral presence. Many Chinese Korean Japanese Malaysian and Indonesian companies have a US or Western European counterpart an office or an attorney to do due diligence on potential strategic partners. Due diligence typically start with a Google search on the company product line services and any potential leans on your corporate mail today. So it’s imperative that you have a solid online presence that includes videos social networks articles and press releases announcing to the public what’s going on in your company new services or products being offered or any other newsworthy developments expert panel where the PR of a lot of investors look for podcasting videos. Have your company executives create audio and video interviews have your leaders as industry experts and place them on your blog or website: this is an essential element if you have any ambition to go global wherever you decide to expand know your target market and its culture economics and politics is your service needed in China you have a service that is needed in the Chinese market. Most american or western european products cannot be sold in China because the currency difference however research will reveal that the Chinese government is putting $85 billion into clean energy and alternative energy cleaning up the urban water systems if you have an engineering service with PHD’s on staff. You can go in and compete for contracts. This is the perfect typeof service to be brought into China distribution alliances certainly don’t want distribution to get in the way when you have a strategic partner in Asia who wants to take on your services and promote them to its client base. Establish alliances for distribution to your target international market local and federal level support you definitely need a solid alliances with US government agencies or officials at federal state and local levels it’s impressive to foreign companies. To see on your letter have the names of senators, governors that are members of congress speaking on behalf of your services and efforts. Local research Contax we’re doing a merger acquisition or setting up a strategic global alliance you should have a local handler do this or someone who has solid contact in some local and federal government as well as the local business. See if you’re looking to get into Shanghai Hong Kong Beijing or smaller cities in China you certainly need a local hablar.