The Reverse Merger Process

Discover the reverse merger process
Discover the reverse merger process

Transform your business almost overnight with a reverse merger
As a smart and savvy business person, the odds are fantastic that you understand there might not be a more powerful form of leverage when it comes to raising capital for your business quite like taking a company public. Though there are any number of different details, criteria, rules, and regulations that need to be taking care of before you’re able to join the publicly traded community, the stone cold truth of the matter is that you’ll definitely have the time to figure all this out as the entire process can be very long and very drawn out.
But what happens if you need to take your company public and start raising funds right away?
If that’s the case, then you absolutely positively need to look into the power behind public shells and reverse merger process.
Hands down one of the fastest ways to take your company public.
While there are no shortage of different techniques and tactics you can use to take your private company public, almost all of them have significant drawbacks in relation to how long the process takes. It’s not exactly an overnight process for many businesses, as just handling the sheer volume of paperwork alone can take months and months itself.
But if you don’t have the time to waste, and need access to funding to take it vantage of opportunities right in front of you today, then a reverse merger needs to be considered. This is where you essentially create a public shell company and merge it with a private business entity, giving the main shareholders of the private company purchase control over the public shell corporation while merging them together.
This essentially allows you to create a brand-new public entity right off the bat – a process significantly faster than if you had to convert a business that is currently operating as a private entity into a publicly traded one – while still retaining all of the control that you were enjoying when it was 100% private.
Basically what you’re getting is a public company acting as a shell around a currently operating business inside. You’ll still have to go through the process of a merger just as you would traditionally, but now you’ll be able to take advantage of the public nature of the shell company and avoid all of the red tape and hassle that comes with trying to transform a private entity into a publicly traded one.
You’ll also be able to ensure that you have complete control over the board of directors as well as the majority ownership of the shares for the brand-new public company, and will be able to change the name of the public shell back to the name of the company that it absorbed – meaning you’ll be able to have for all intents and purposes taken a shortcut to the public process.
A reverse merger is a viable and alternative for people that just don’t want to deal with all of the headaches, frustration, and anxiety – not to mention the almost ridiculous amount of delays – that come with trying to take your company directly. It might not be for everyone – and you’ll want to ensure that you speak directly with a trusted financial advisor before moving forward with a reverse merger, but the odds are that a reverse merger can take your company public much faster than any other method.