Can you help us facilitate a listing on the NASDAQ or NYSE?
The answer is, Yes! As long as your company meets the minimum requirements we certainly can and have done so many times before. We focus on a number of market tiers for our clients which include the OTC, NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX.


What are the ways to go public?
DPOs (direct public offering), IPOs (initial public offering) and RMs (reverse mergers or also known as a reverse take over). We have years of experience in IPOs, DPOs, and RMs and have helped our clients obtain millions in funding during their initial offering.


Who are some of the companies that trade on the US OTC and PinkSheets?
Some of the best-known companies in the world trade on these two exchanges: Heineken, Nestlé, Nintendo, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, BAA Plc, BAE Systems, Cathay Pacific Airways, Liberty International, Peugeot, L’Oreal, Marks & Spencer and Neorx Corp are just a few.


Will you be successful in getting us listed on the NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX or OTC?
Yes. As long as the control persons of your business don’t have any undisclosed issues or prior regulatory issues, we can guarantee that we will get your business listed on a US stock exchange.


If I retain you to take my company public will you help raise money for me?
Our team at True Capital Financial Partners is more than willing to guide and assist clients during the process to make sure the public offering is implemented correctly and effectively. We connect our clients – without charge – to our partnered brokers and funds based in the U.S., China, and Zurich Switzerland who actively invest and assist our clients companies with raising capital due to our scrutinizing selection process.


How much funding can you obtain through offerings with a DPO or IPO?

In theory a company can raise rather large amounts using direct public offerings up to $25 million with an SB2. However, such an offering is for the moment impractical because of the organizational limitations involved in achieving that level of stock sales.

On a practical basis companies can expect to be successful in completing SCOR (Reg D) and Reg A direct public offerings.

Currently, the upper limits which can be raised using various forms of the Direct Public Offering are:

SCOR (Reg D) — $1 Million
Regulation A — $5 – $50 Million
Regulation A + — $50 Million
Regulation D 506c — Unlimited
Regulation CF — $1 Million
SB1 — $10 Million
SB2 — $25 Million


What Is Actually Needed to Market an IPO or DPO Effectively?
TC and its partners can develop and implement a comprehensive marketing program to provide TC clients with an optimal, least-cost approach to prepare and complete a direct public offering.

Promotion and Advertising. There are both Federal and State rules and regulations that govern how you can promote your offering. There are specific rules regarding what may or may not be said or done through any medium, including the Internet.

On-line Marketing Assessment. Short-term and long-term strategies need to be developed relative to the company’s DPO marketing plan and its relationship with the overall growth strategy. Target audiences need to be identified, located and their level of appropriateness measured against the company’s goals.

A Common Mistake about Web Presence. Obviously, a well organized web site is necessary to market your company and DPO on the Internet. However, a web site alone is a passive medium. An organized, pro-active marketing effort needs to be planned and implemented to integrate and support all marketing efforts with the web site.

On-line Marketing Implementation. There is a need to establish a marketing communications program to promote the DPO to affinity groups and speculative investors. This takes many forms, including the maintenance of newsletters and discussion groups, a public relations program, electronic mail, web promotion and advertising, on-line chat, and audio and video presentation.

Off-line Marketing Implementation. Integrating on-line and off-line efforts is critical to a successful DPO marketing effort. While the Internet is an innovative and cost effective medium, it does not replace traditional methodology. Consideration should be given to print advertising and distribution, partnering programs, web site integration, direct mail, and alternative forms of direct contact with affinity groups.


How many shareholders do I need?
As a rule of thumb you need to have at least 35 shareholders. If you do not have this many or cannot secure this many, we may be able to assist you with conducting a Registered Spin-Off  to meet this listing requirement.


Do I need to be audited?
Yes. You need a two year audit or an audit since inception if your business is less than two years old. If you do not have an auditing firm, True Capital Financial Partners maintains excellent relationships with several first rate PCAOB auditing firms that will provide you with an excellent rate. They can provide you with a free quote after conducting an initial consultation.

Can foreign companies list and trade on the OTC?
Yes, they can.

What are your fees for the Ultimate Going Public Package?
Our fees are extremely competitive and we offer a variety of going public packages in addition to the Ultimate Going Public Package to cater to a magnitude of our clients needs.  Each packages various depending on the needs of our clients and the sheer overhead and complexity of the deal. For more information about the Ultimate Going Public Package or our other going public packages, contact a True Capital Financial Partners representative today for a free no obligatory consultation.


Do you accept installment payments?
Yes. We take companies public on the OTC using a milestone system. Typically this involves two equal progress payments. Starting with the initial retainer followed by the remainder due 30 days after.


How long does it take to get listed on the OTC, NASDAQ, NYSE, or AMEX?
Typically a customized going public solution can be achieved within 6 – 9 months. However, there are a number of variables that are unique to each going public situation that may lead to a shorter or longer listing time period.


What is the cost to purchase an OTC Public Shell?

Current market prices for a clean and high-delivery OTCBB Public Shell range from $350,000 – 500,000.


What costs do I have after I am listed on the NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX or OTC?

Once you have received your trading symbol you will need to keep your filings current with the SEC. We offer our going public clients special reduced rates to help you stay current with your SEC reporting obligations. In addition, you will need to have an annual audit and quarterly review performed by your PCAOB auditing firm and keep current with your transfer agent. The ultimate annual costs vary greatly and depend on the size and scope of your business.


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