ICO Services


ICO Services

  • ICO concept creation
  • White paper drafting
  • ICO platform
  • Token development
  • Worldwide marketing
  • PR and journalists relations
  • Crypto exchange listings
  • Business development
  • Seed investments / VC investments

We hold a record in facilitating a significant number of prominent ICO based companies and constantly seek to lend a helping hand to upcoming ICO’s of firms and issuers. Driven by our team’s innovative skill base derived from our vast knowledge and experience in the domain of blockchain technology, we offer a comprehensive package of ICO services. We assist you in funding, structuring and advertising your proposal to ensure that your campaign delivers a successful ICO raise outcome.

Having one of the best and most vast marketing team’s on board and working with high-class professionals in the specific space, we definitely do not believe in mediocrity and aim at delivering positive ICO based results that always surpass the expectations of our clientele.

Our digital asset department revolves around ICOs and blockchain because we are certain that this spectacular technology is already changing the method of functioning across the globe. Through our long-lasting relationships with several experts and journalists from the field, we seek to globally communicate a highly impactful message.
So whether you are a large corporate firm or just an individual, we are here to help you with anything and everything related to an ICO or blockchain technology.

Simplifying the concept of ICO – ‘Initial Coin Offering’
When a new cryptocurrency or blockchain tech firm aims to raise funds for its business operations through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), it generally comes up with a written proposal which clearly states details of the entire project such as what the project is all about, what are the agendas of the project, the amount of money required to fund the business model, how much virtual tokens will be reserved by the project pioneers, the acceptable type of money or currency which the issuer will allow and the duration of the ICO campaign. During the course of the campaign, the firm’s initiative encourages its several supporters and enthusiasts to purchase the distributed cyrptocoins with virtual currency or fiat. These coins also known as tokens function similarly as the shares of a company that are sold to several investors through an IPO (Initial Public Offering) transaction. However if the money raised through the campaign does not meet the funding needs of the firm, then the ICO is deemed to be a failure and all the money is returned back to the backers. But if the firm’s funding requisites are met within a stipulated time period, the money raised it thereafter used for either executing the new proposal or helping in its completion.

The firm motivates early investors to purchase the tokens in advance, even before the project is initiated, promising them a successful implementation of the proposed plan and helping them translate their tokens into a higher or greater value of cryptocoin than the price they purchased it for. A perfect example of such a successful IPO scheme is Ethereum that had its coin tokens defined as Ethers. In the year 2014, the said proposal was declared after which its ICO went up to $0.40 for every “Ether” or $18 million. The project was executed in the year 2015 and the ether value went as high as $14 in 2016 holding over $1 billion market capitalization.
Thus ICOs function exactly like crowdfunding or IPOs. Very similar to IPOs, a stake of the issuers firm or company is sold to raise funds for its business operations during the ICO campaign. However just like IPOs liaise with investors, ICOs deal with supporters that are interested in investing in new projects. However in the case of ICOs the backers are encouraged by a prospective return on investment while most traditional crowdfunding raises funds as donations through a reward based system. Thus ICOs are also known as crowdsales as opposed to crowdfunding.